Engine & Transmission Warranty

Any changes made by Ecosafe to a vehicle are within the tolerances set and often used by the manufacturer. Due to strictly controlled in-house development, the changes we make to a vehicle’s map never compromise any vehicle we install.

However we understand when operating a vehicle fleet, reassurances need to be made. That rare occasion that something could go wrong, our customers understandably want some reassurance that vehicle down time is kept to a minimum and that any rectifications do not disrupt the workings of a business.

For your peace of mind Ecosafe automatically provide a warranty on the work undertaken by us to also include any damage caused to the engine or transmission following a re-map and/or Green Box installed by us. Our own Ecosafe warranty may, subject to agreement by us and payment of an additional amount, be extendable for a further period after its expiry date, on request. (terms and conditions apply).

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