Fuel Saving – eCALIBRATE™

Fuel friendly driving – Control, limit, reduce, save

eCALIBRATE™, also known as fleet recalibration or remapping, is effectively a software modification of the factory settings installed on a vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) – essentially, a small computer that controls how a vehicle engine works. The factory setting installed at the time of manufacturing allows any vehicle to be sold in any country regardless of climate, individual country laws or the varying qualities of fuel. The benefits of vehicle recalibration are proven and Ecosafe can demonstrate numerous projects and scenarios that have saved customers money.

eCALIBRATE™ benefits;

  • Proven fuel savings
  • Fast return on investment
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced emissions
  • Consequential savings on maintenance costs

Available for the following vehicle types

  • Cars & 4×4 vehicles
  • Vans
  • Light commercial & heavy goods vehicles
  • Bus & Coaches
  • Heavy plant, plant machinery, tractors & yellow goods


eCALIBRATE™ Specifications

The processes involved in recalibration of a vehicle are important to get right and include a number of elements. These include:

Torque allows a vehicle to accelerate. Here, we adjust acceleration to its most efficient level allowing the vehicle to be driven within the limits we set to save you fuel and money.
Combined with our torque control, we restrict the maximum Revs Per Minute (RPM) to our recommended or customer’s requirements. By doing this we encourage shifting up the gears earlier, which is now possible due to the changes made following the remap. The higher the gear the more fuel is saved.

Automatic vehicles learn the new settings and change gears accordingly. This also prevents heavy acceleration, restricts aggressive driving styles and encourages fuel friendly driving. The RPM limiter is not available on heavy goods vehicles but can be installed on most other vehicle types.

These days speed limiting is a common practice for most fleets however part of the service we offer is limiting the maximum speed for all vehicle types.
By preventing harsh acceleration and removing the ability for aggressive driving, this can bring about considerable cost savings, as there is less wear and tear on the engine and transmission. This increases longevity of the vehicle and in theory means service schedules can be extended.
It is certainly not a myth saving fuel means reduced CO2. However CO2 is not the only issue. Our remaps are proven to reduce CO2, NOx and particulates, which are all damaging to our health and the environment. Click on our emissions page for further details.
Fleet operators can be assured that whoever steps into a company vehicle no matter what their personal driving style, they will be driving in a fuel friendly manner. This gives employers reassurance and confidence that their employees are representing them well when driving and that each vehicle in their fleet is driven with equal responsibility.
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