Green Box Safety Solution™

Driver Safety – Ecosafe Green Box Solution™

Safer vehicles for safer drivers – Control, limit, reduce, save

Ecosafe Green Box Solution™ once installed, restricts maximum engine revolutions and ultimately, a vehicle’s speed. We install the most efficient settings or if preferred, the customer’s required settings. It stops harsh and heavy acceleration of a vehicle – simulating safe and fuel efficient driving without the need for training.

Ecosafe Green Box Solution benefits;

  • Proven fuel savings
  • Fast return on investment
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced emissions
  • Consequential savings on maintenance costs

The full capability of this product is only available on vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes which includes cars, 4×4 vehicles, van, buses and some lighter goods vehicles. However, vehicles above this weight can take advantage of some of the features available such as the Smart Switch Speed Control™.

Available for the following vehicle types

  • Vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes
  • Cars and 4×4 vehicles
  • Vans
  • Light goods vehicles
  • Buses
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles (limited features available)


Ecosafe Green Box Specifications

By restricting top speed you can ensure speeding beyond 70mph is a thing of the past. More importantly this may reduce accidents caused by the driver of a vehicle installed with this system when excessive speed is the cause or contributor to an accident on dual carriages and motorways.
We restrict the maximum Revs Per Minute (RPM) to our recommended or customer’s requirements. This removes the ability to unnecessarily over rev the vehicle’s engine beyond what is needed and encourages earlier gear shifting – simulating the behaviour of a careful and economical driver.
These days standard speed limiting is a common practice for most fleets which is a service we include, however part of the service we can offer is Smart Switch Speed Control™. Changing on-the-move: Speed zones can be be programmed into the unit on the installed vehicle which restricts the maximum speed of the vehicle when it enters or leaves a pre-set perimeter. For example a pre-set speed limit zone can be programmed around an area such as a speed sensitive depot; as soon as an installed vehicle enters this area the speed limit of the vehicle automatically changes to the pre-programmed speed limit. Please note, this feature only works in conjunction with vehicles already installed with telematics. For emergency services, highway agencies or vehicles of similar type we can provide Smart Switch Speed Control™ to be activated or de-activated when the emergency lights are switched on or off! Telematics is not required for this feature.
This identifies each driver and sets the on-board profile for the key fob for use by multiple drivers. Key fobs can be assigned to specific drivers.
This identifies each driver and sets the on-board profile for the keyfob for use by multiple drivers. Key fobs can be assigned and programmed so the car’s restrictions are activated or disabled depending on the key fob in use. Program your son or daughter’s key fob so when they use the car using their assigned key fob you can pre-set speed limits, restrict maximum engine revs and control acceleration.
Fleet operators can be assured that whoever steps into a company vehicle no matter what their personal driving style, they will be driving in a safer manner. This gives employers reassurance and confidence that their employees are representing them well when driving and that each vehicle in their fleet is driven with equal responsibility.
The device is a fit-and-forget installation and requires no ongoing management or training costs with the ability to be removed, reconfigured and installed onto new vehicle cycles.
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