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Driver Safety FAQ’s

There are a number of questions relating to this topic. Here, we try and address a number of those we are often asked. If you have anything else you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of the team.

It will help you to reduce accidents caused by drivers operating your vehicles, which could result in insurance premium discounts across the fleet and improve overall safety.
By effectively mimicking the characteristics of a careful and economical driver. We do this by removing the ability to harshly accelerate the vehicle beyond what is actually needed and reducing the maximum road speed the vehicle can travel. In some instances we can prevent the vehicle from speeding within specific speed zones.
A speed zone is basically a speed sensitive area in which a vehicle drives into or out of. This area could be a depot, quarry, road or a general space where vehicles are required to be driven within a maximum speed limit, often for the safety of area. In this case a speed zone is programmed into the installed box on the vehicle which then restricts the maximum speed that the vehicle can be driven within this area, when the vehicle is driven out of this area the vehicles speed limit is unrestricted back to normal operating standards.
We install a device which is connected into the vehicle often behind an interior panel.
Most makes and models of vehicles but only vehicle types up to the weight of 7.5 tonnes (equivalent to a large van) and some buses can also take advantage of the full system. Goods vehicles above this can take advantage of speed limiting and speed zone limiting but not acceleration control or RPM limiting.
Yes we can do both petrol and diesel engine vehicles.
Typically up to an hour, maybe slightly longer depending on the vehicle’s interior panels but all Engineers gain quick experience at removing and re-installing interior panels on all types of vehicles. Time per vehicle is saved when we are able to work on multiple batches of vehicles from the same fleet. All our Engineers are fully trained and highly experienced in dealing with all vehicle types so your vehicles are left in a safe pair of hands. We offer a quality, nationwide installation service.
Yes, as its hardware it can be removed and re-installed once the unit is loaded with the latest software for the newly installed vehicle.
It will place no further stress on the engine that it would not already go through, however as the vehicles cannot be driven beyond the stress levels they could before installation, the wear and tear will naturally be reduced increasing the longevity of the engine.
No. This technology has been accepted across the industry, however our own Ecosafe Warranty will be provided on all vehicles for which work is undertaken.
We advise you to inform your motor insurance company or broker that you intend to recalibrate your vehicle for fuel economy and give them details of the work that we have provided a quotation for. Due to changes made to the vehicle, some insurers may offer reductions on premiums but this can only be discussed between you and your insurer. We are working closely with the insurance industry to advise them fully of the benefits, as we strongly believe less stress on a vehicle’s engine, reduced driver speeds and safety improvements will allow the insurers to confidently offer reductions on premiums prompting the industry to offer discounts as standard.
No, you do not need to notify VOSA.
We can install your leased vehicles. Many leasing companies accept what we do and we are happy to discuss what we do with them if necessary. Most leasing partners we speak to are happy to receive their vehicles back still installed as they can offer the benefits to other prospective customers when the vehicles are sold on. However if the new owner does not want the product we can remove at a cost.
Prices vary depending on the package required. The price pro-rata will also be less depending on the size of the fleet being installed. Please contact us for further details on prices so we can provide you with the correct information for your vehicle type and fleet combination.
Yes you can. We have leasing packages available over a number of years for variable fleet sizes (subject to terms and conditions).
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