Driver Safety Overview

Driver Safety

A key service we are proud to offer here at Ecosafe Vehicle Solutions is enhanced driver safety. We have a number of driver safety products including high definition Automotive Safety Camera Systems and our Ecosafe Green Box Solution – Not only do we encourage safer driving but we enforce it!

Most of the products and services Ecosafe offer provide increased safety for drivers operating vehicles. Clients like Stapletons Tyre Services did just this, they saw a marked reduction in accidents following the installation of our eCalibrate service originally designed to save them fuel. Since then they have taken on our combined package, with all vehicles in their fleet utilising the Automotive Safety Camera Systems and most vehicles installed with either our eCalibrate system or Green Box Solution depending on the vehicle type, and Stapletons operate vehicles from vans to light and heavy goods vehicles.

However, companies with specific safety concerns regarding operators of company vehicles can take advantage of our products as a stand-alone safety device with some providing improved fuel economy as an important addition.

These safety concerns can be anything from,

  • Accidents involving company cars and vehicle fleets
  • Company representatives driving around the country in company vehicles
  • Company cars used by employee’s siblings during out of business hours
  • Unrestricted vehicles from delivery
  • Specific drivers flagged as safety concerns or persistent offenders
  • Disputes, fraudulent accusations or any other liabilities following an incident

We are offering our services to insurance companies and fleet operators to eliminate excessive acceleration and over speeding. With current systems only able to monitor driver behaviour, this makes Ecosafe the market leader in accident prevention when promoting safer driving technologies.

Selective products available for the following vehicle types;

  • Cars and 4×4 vehicles
  • Vans
  • Light commercial and heavy goods vehicles
  • Buses and coaches
  • Heavy plant, tractors and yellow goods
  • Trailers and horse boxes
  • Caravans and mobile homes

Solutions are ideally suited for drivers and operators including:

  • Company fleet operators
  • Company car drivers
  • Employee siblings able to use the vehicle out of hours


Driver Safety Products

Our current driver safety products include Automotive Safety Camera Systems and the Ecosafe Green Box Solution™.

Van Back Camera

Automotive Safety Camera Systems

Designed from the ground up in California’s Silicon Valley the image sensor, display and recording systems include chip technology found in today’s market leading tablets. The automotive safety camera systems incorporate the latest technology to help fleet owners reduce costs resulting from theft, damage, and insurance fraud by recording high-resolution video of events inside and outside their vehicles.

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Ecosafe Green Box Solution™

Ecosafe Green Box Solution™ once installed, restricts maximum engine revolutions and ultimately, a vehicle’s speed. We install the most efficient settings or if preferred, the customer’s required settings. It stops harsh and heavy acceleration of a vehicle – simulating safe and fuel efficient driving without the need for training.

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Driver Safety Services


Motor Insurance

Insurance companies are continually looking at ways to reduce the number of road accidents and motor insurance claims.

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Vehicle Fleets

Ecosafe can ensure each driver is as safe as they can be using some of the latest technology in accident prevention.

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Company Cars

The service we offer for company cars provides additional protection for employees, their siblings and the business 24/7.

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