Company Cars

Company Cars

For businesses operating company car schemes, whether it’s getting to and from work or travelling on business the employee is representing the company. As they represent the company their responsibility is ultimately the company’s responsibility. Some businesses allow siblings of employees to use company cars during out of hours. The service we offer for company cars provides additional protection employees, their siblings and the business 24/7.

This service includes;

Active Key fob recognition

Key fobs can be assigned and programmed so the car’s restrictions are activated or disabled depending on the key fob in use. Program your son or daughter’s key fob so when they use the car using their assigned key fob you can pre-set speed limits, restrict maximum engine revs and control acceleration.

Restricting top speed

By restricting top speed you can ensure speeding beyond 70mph is a thing of the past. More importantly this may reduce accidents caused by the driver of a vehicle installed with this system when excessive speed is the cause or contributor to an accident on dual carriages and motorways.

RPM Limiter

We restrict the maximum Revs Per Minute (RPM) to our recommended or customer’s requirements. This removes the ability to unnecessarily over rev the vehicle’s engine beyond what is needed and encourages earlier gear shifting – simulating the behaviour of a careful and economical driver.

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