Companies running fleets must deal with ever increasing operational costs, with escalating fuel prices and increased safety awareness pressures, companies are also under growing scrutiny to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ecosafe’s expertise, knowledge and continuous product development allows it to offer a broad range of products and services to a host of leading logistics, transport and commercial organisations throughout the UK.

Ecosafe was formed by a group of experts who collectively have over 100 years of experience in Research and Development, vehicle recalibration, fuel efficiency and the environment.

Ecosafe Vehicle Solutions Limited has developed from its association with large organisations that have empowered it to grow and expand its portfolio of products and services.

By collaborating technologies and technical expertise, Ecosafe can provide proven, cost effective fuel saving solutions.

Lessening fuel consumption lowers emissions, which in turn reduces your fuel bill, and improves your carbon footprint.


Ecosafe provides fuel saving and increased safety solutions for all types of vehicle fleets, including most heavy and light goods vehicles as well as a majority of light commercial vehicles, 4×4 vehicles and cars. Light and heavy goods fleets can also benefit from a reduction of AdBlue usage.
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