About Us

Ecosafe’s expertise, knowledge and continuous product development allows it to offer a broad range of products and services to a host of leading logistics, transport and commercial organisations throughout the UK.

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Driver Safety

There are numerous driver safety benefits and enhancements associated with the installation of our products, including a particular focus on improving the safety of commercial fleets and company car users.

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Fuel Saving

We offer a small and effective range of products and services for a variety of vehicles operating in a company’s fleet. All of our products have been developed to increase efficiency and improve fuel economy.

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Reduced Emissions

Our comprehensive service will help you to actively reduce your vehicle fleet’s emissions with minimal effort and at no extra cost. Reduced emissions improves environmental impacts associated with burning fuel.

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Recent News


Ecosafe Vehicle Solutions joins forces with Electronic Tudor

We are excited to announce that Ecosafe Vehicle Solutions has signed a Joint Venture agreement with Romanian based auto electronic... Read More →

Make blind spots disappear with SafeTurn Technology

Ecosafe Vehicle Solutions are happy to announce the introduction of the new SafeTurn technology. Part of the Automotive Safety Camera... Read More →

Why Choose Us?

If you operate vehicles we can help you save fuel. Saving fuel saves money and reduces your overall emissions.
By preventing irresponsible revving and acceleration, vehicles will take advantage of the increased reliability with drivers and operators benefiting from reduced safety concerns once on the road.
We have a complete package to increase financial benefits, from reduced fuel consumption to increased safety and reliability. Each has a cost associated and of course an environmental impact that can be reduced to a minimum with the available technology of today.
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